I Love Amazon

I’m heading out for a trip tomorrow and wanted a particular song for the road. I generally buy CDs because, well, because I like the idea of having the media around. Of course, I listen to music more on my iPod than anywhere else but old habits and all. (Alright, I confess to a love of liner notes as well.)

However, I heard a catchy little tune, went to check out the band, and they had a link to Amazon, iTunes, etc. Well, as I’m running Ubuntu at the moment, I was afraid this would lead to disappointment but for the DRM free Amazon MP3 downloads, I was willing to check it out and download it later from Windows.

Imagine my surprise when not only do they make it easy to view albums and preview songs but they offer their downloader for Linux. Real honest to goodness packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE. I love it. I clicked on the Ubuntu link and it downloaded, I installed, and then it prompted me to download my song. Nice. Not only offering for Linux but making the experience smooth and impressive.

I love this Amazon and may just start buying more of your beautiful MP3 downloads.